Brio removes dust and dust mites, to keep your air healthy.

How to remove dust and dust mite allergies in my home?

Whether you live in a condo in sunny Orlando or a house in cloudy Portland, eliminating household dust is essential for health and wellness. Dust mites can trigger indoor allergies, asthma attacks, and a host of other health problems. If someone in your home suffers from breathing or respiratory issues, it’s even more important to keep every room dust free. You need to get rid of the dust, but some cleaning methods can actually make the problem worse. 

Redfin reached out to us to share our best tips and tricks on how you can manage your dust problem once and for all. Check out our tip on Why is My House So Dusty? 5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Dust

Get rid of dust and dust mites before they settle

One easy solution is to remove airborne dust and other pollutant particles before they can land on surfaces in your home. Brio® air purifiers quickly and effectively remove dust and other particles (smoke, pet allergens, mold spores, and pollen, and viruses) as small at 0.0107 microns (that's really, invisibly small). Unlike HEPA air purifiers, Brio gives you a long time between filter changes. Best of all Brio doesn't clog. So performance stays at peak levels. HEPA air purifiers can't make the same promise. Save time and money and keep your air quality at its best with Brio air purifiers. ENERGY STAR certification keeps Brio's operating costs low, too.

Award-winning Brio is the innovative air purifier for a reason.