Improve Workplace Air Quality with Brio

Brio Air Purifier removes toxic airborne pollutants to improve indoor air quality

Close the Gap

Close the gap between your buildings' HVAC systems and healthy indoor air with Brio's patented APART technology.

As employees return to the office, they face challenges in meeting elevated clean indoor air needs with existing systems. Attempts to adapt current systems may lead to increased inefficiency, higher energy usage, and more maintenance expense. And often fail to solve the problem. Find out how to get the best workplace air quality with our 2023 Guide to Better Indoor Air.

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How Brio beats HEPA

In performance tests—conducted under identical lab conditions for Brio and similarly sized HEPA and Photocatalytic air purifiers—Brio never dropped below 90 percent of its original clean air delivery rate (CADR). Brio also collected 60 grams of dust—significantly more than HEPA-style and PCO-style air purifiers in the test group.

Brio Air Purifier exceeds HEPA air purifiers in clean air delivery rate over time
Brio Air Purifier exceeds HEPA air purifiers in clean air delivery rate over time

Viruses? Bacteria? Dust? Pollen? Smoke? Brio removes airborne particles as small as 0.011 microns.

Brio removes damaging airborne irritants as small as 0.011 microns, including  smoke, dust, pollen, mold spores, viruses, pet dander, and dust mite allergens. And Brio's patented, advanced technology does it without clogging a filter, so effectiveness stays high.

Brio, the innovative air purifier_Advanced Air Cleaning Air Purifier Removes Air Pollution
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  • Brio does what HEPA can't

    Brio does what HEPA can't

    Years in the making, Brio’s innovative technology is a new and remarkable alternative to HEPA-style air purification.

    Brio deep cleans the air using patented Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APART™) developed by air quality experts at the University of Washington.

    Brio removes particle pollution, delivering a constant, clean airflow, with no filter clogging, for better indoor air quality all day, every day. HEPA air purifiers can't make the same promise.

  • Take a closer look

    Take a closer look

    Deep air cleaning begins with 360-degree air intake at Brio's elevated base. The Pre-Filter traps larger, visible particles, pet hair, and debris. Brio's powerful fan draws pollutants upward and past the Particle Charger where they gain an electrostatic charge. Charged particles are drawn out of the airflow and trapped in the APART Collection Cartridge until the cartridge is full and ready for disposal. This patented process means peak performance with no clogging. Before returning purified air to the room, Brio's Refresh Plus Filter removes ambient ozone to keep your air safe.

Certified, trusted, approved, and patented

Brio Air Purifier Purifier is certified for safety by Underwriters Laboratories
UL Safety Tested
Brio Air Purifier Clean Air Delivery Rate for Smoke Dust and Pollen is Third Party Certified by Intertek
Verified Clean Air Delivery Rate
Brio air purifier is certified by the California Air Resources Bureau as Ozone Safe
Certified Ozone Safe
Brio air purifier uses patented air filtration technology from the University of Washington
Patented Technology
logo_energy_star-01_47a4018b-0f62-459e-a814-2365576cfaf3 - Brio, the innovative air purifier
Energy Efficient

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