A Better Air Purifier

Agentis Air

Agentis Air is a collaboration of research scientists, engineers, and air quality experts on a mission to improve human health and longevity through better indoor air purification technology. With decades of university research and development experience, our company is focused on transformational air purification technologies with broad applications for institutional, commercial, and consumer markets. We are an American company, with design and engineering labs, along with customer and tech support in Rockville, Maryland.

Our patented technology delivers constant clean air with no performance drop off between filter changes. Our innovation team is led by a scientist with over 200 patents and 25 years of experience in developing advanced technologies for air purification.

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  • Our Mission

    Clean air matters more than ever now, but it has always mattered to us.

    Indoor air pollution is clearly linked to a growing number of life-shortening diseases—beyond known respiratory ailments—including heart disease and dementia. Compounding the problem, the sources of indoor air pollution are increasing and aren't visible to the human eye. We know from personal experience how devastating the effects can be.

    Providing clean air in homes, offices, and institutions is essential for health, longevity, and productivity. Our goal is to make it more effective.

  • Our Technology

    How do you design a better air purifier? By creating a better technology.

    At Agentis Air we apply experience and expertise in engineering, commercial air pollution controls, air ventilation, and a very personal understanding of the harm caused by indoor air pollution to create systems and products for improving indoor air quality.

    Developed over five years at the University of Washington’s Sensors, Energy and Automation Laboratory, our innovative Advanced Particle Removal Technology (APART™) is designed for the next generation of indoor air quality solutions.

    Our solutions do what HEPA can't. HEPA-style air purification, little changed since its introduction in the 1940’s, has flaws that reduce effectiveness and air cleaning performance. Using APART, a patented application of electrostatic precipitation, Brio purifies the air by removing and trapping particles without reducing airflow. APART technology elevates effectiveness, simplifies maintenance, and reduces waste.

    Find out more about our patents here.