Improve your indoor air quality with Brio.

Do you have allergy symptoms all year round? Sneezing? runny nose? Itchy eyes? You might need an air purifier for mold or an air purifier for dust allergies. In addition to symptom relief, improving indoor air quality can directly affect your health and longevity.

Irritants like wildfire smoke, smog, and combustion by-products (think gas stoves and exhaust) all can worsen indoor air quality

So don't just check a box when selecting air purifier. To find the best air purifier, look for constant clean air flow and effective ultrafine particle removal. Check out these Brio videos to learn why patented Brio is the best air purifier

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Free Standard Shipping

Free standard shipping is included for every Brio air purifier order delivered in the contiguous U.S. (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Estimated delivery time is 3-7 days after the order leaves our warehouse. Delivery is UPS Ground for air purifiers and USPS for replacement cartridges and filters.

We hope that free standard shipping should help you choose Brio, but we think there are a lot of other good reasons to choose Brio, the innovative Air Purifier: It's Easy to use, Effective (Brio  doesn't clog), Safe ( UL listed and CARB certified), Affordable (with less filter replacements, Brio has a low cost to own over time), and Stylish (Brio fits in, with a compact footprint, a clean, contemporary style, and a polished chrome base.)