What's in the box?

What's in the box: Brio Air Purifier
What's in the Brio Air Purifier Box: APART Collection Cartridge
Brio Air Purifier APART Collection Cartridge
What's in the Brio Air Purifier Box: Refresh Plus Filter
What's in the Brio Air Purifier Box: User Guide
Refresh Plus Filter User Guide
What's in the box? Everything you need to get up and running with Brio, the innovative air purifier.. Each Brio Air Purifier purchased includes one pre-installed APART Collection Cartridge and one Refresh Plus Filter, a User Manual and Cleaning Brush. Under typical conditions, the APART Collection Cartridge can last 12 month or longer. The Refresh Plus Filter should be changed every 24 months. When you register your Brio Air Purifier, you can also request email reminder notifications for cartridge and filter replacements. The User Manual provides detailed instructions for operating and cleaning your new Brio Air Purifier.  The Brio User Manual can also be found and downloaded  here